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hiiiiiiiiiiii guuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyy.

The Critic Ummm yeah so I totally wasn't expecting to ever find that...but HOLY CRAP, does that bring back hilarious memories. LMAO LMAO. Thinking about it now, that was a pretty risqué show to be watching as a 9 or 10 year old....we got away with a lot. Especially when the 'rents weren't home. Oh yeah, we used to watch MTV like it was no one's BIDNESS. I remember ESPECIALLY watching when only my grandmother was home during her extended visits because I always thought she didn't know any better about what we were watching. I still think she didn't. Because she never said anything. Hmmm...*strokes chin*

So 'ello! I'm surprised that it's almost been two months since I wrote in here. Though it can never BE two months, since I wrote on the 31st of December and well goshdarnit, there just ain't no 31st of February. And no, I shan't count...ehhh...*sits there counting on her fingers for five minutes like a neanderthal...wait did they even have fingers?!?!?! who cares.* MARCH 3RD as its substitute. I SHANNOT!!!!

But yeah, in conclusion...it been LOOOOONG. Though it felt like yesterday when it was New Years Eve and I wanted to beat Raja's neighbors to a bloody pulp because they were effing loud MORONS. But I restrained mahself ("HOLD ME BACK, HOLD ME BACK" being my mantra...to no one). Good times.

I have a huge headache. Ever since I've been coming home, I get these horrible headaches because my sinuses are stoopit and blah. I haven't been able to taste things properly for the past week (and YES, that IS a life-or-death situation because...I love tasting things. :()

in OTHER news...I wrote all that up there a week ago! Ha, isn't that special? :) No.

I'm just...ugh, I have such a hard time finishing things that I start. (Isn't that a criteria for some personality disorder? I should know that.) No, really, like if something's too difficult, even after a few minutes of trying, I just give up. I mean...why deal with it? Even when I read about OTHER people doing things that take a huge amount of time and effort, I think to myself, "GOD...why don't they just give up? I would." That's why I laugh when people say getting into medical school takes stamina...CLEARLY I don't have any. And CLEARLY...there's a very good reason why I haven't dropped out of that yet...which I'll have to get back to you on at a much later time, perhaps whennnnnnnnnnnnnnn I'm dead. That sounds good.

But yeah, even something so menial and insignificant as this stupid journal entry...I'll just stop writing whenever. I've never stopped in the middle of a word yet, but hey, miracles happen everyday!

In other OTHER news...soooooooooooo glaaaaaaaaad this rotation is like almost over. No, really, I don't like the ER. I don't like emergencies. I can't function in emergencies. Which is a little horrible, yes, but...whatevs. I mean I CAN function...if I know what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing...but most of the time, I DON'T...so...that explains that! I love when people ask what I'm going into, and I say psych, and they say, "OH EM GEE, how can you DO that?" Yeah, well, I think they're sick for wanting to work in the emergency department. Okay, not sick, that's exaggerating...but yes, sick. Plain sick. I just don't...get it. And I don't care.

LAAAAAAA DEEEEE DAAAAAAA!!! I watched Never Let Me Go yesterday...ummm DEPRESSING MUCH? Let me sit here and think about some of the most depressing movies I've seen...or at least ones that put me in a funk for about 7 minutes after they ended. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (for OBVIOUS reasons...I'm still in shock that that's a children's book. LOL). Ummm...this is hard for some reason. OH! Requiem for a Dream. Okay that wasn't so much depressing as it was...uhhh...I dunno...messed up. BUT SEE WHAT HAPPENS, KIDS? Actually, no, kids shouldn't see what happens because that's an R-rated films and we ALL KNOW children under 17 just won't watch those types of movies. It's...it just ain't happenin. OKAY OKAY bantering aside dehhhhh...oh Seven Pounds (yeah, I guess that was supposed to be more uplifting in a way...but no. I see the glass as half empty. ALWAYS.) OH MAN, The Mist!!! SOOOOOO NOT RIGHT...I don't even remember anything else about the movie, except the ending. It was just THAT INSANE. Oh and DUH, Schindler's List...man oh man oh man. The Stoning of Soraya M. geeeeeeeez...I'm not a queasy person and I love watching all sorts of brutal horrible crap, but THAT...that was kinda hard to watch. And for my own personal I-can-totally-relate-in-that-I'm-totally-ending-up-like-that-one-day-without-the-fancy-lair-and-opera-house...The Phantom of the Opera. But like I said, it's not depressing depressing...it just is to me personally. Ummmmmmmm...that's all I can think of for now. Maybe this will be a spontaneous recurring topic that I'll come back to every 6 months when I make new updates! :-D...or not. *shrugs*

Okay 'nuff of this crap, I'm getting tired of this again. LOL toodles for now!


Okay not really, but I'm just really effing bored and figured I should end the old year with...an entry. It just wouldn't have felt right leaving all this hanging from July! Yeah. Don't know what that has to do with anything, really.

Sooooooo we in Cincinnati, bitch. Yeah, I was just here two weeks ago with Neha cuz we came for an interview...annnnnnnnnnd ehhhhhhh it was snowin' then. Like a lot. Our car was sliding...weeeeeeee.......and today, it was 70 degrees outside! Not odd at all! lol somehow we missed the abominable blizzard in the NE cuz that happened like...two days after we came. Hmm. Interesting.

ANYWAY, yeah I dunno. I bought hot chocolate with colored marshmallows today. Hey, if it's spelled MALLOWS...why do we all say MELLOW? I once spelled it with -mellow at the end, thinking that's how you spelled it, but sheeeeeeee-oot was I wrong. SO VERY WRONG. *shakes head in dismay*

Man this is really boring me too. GOD. I think I have anhedonia............oh wait, no no, this is normal. NORMAL AS FRUIT PUNCH IN THE SNOW! Lol that crazy lady...I must've told that story in here somewhere. And if not...oh well, your loss, I don't feel like telling it now. Or ever.

Where is the time going? How the effity eff is it already 2011? I've dreaded this year ever since I entered medical school. Because it's the year it'll end and I'll have real responsbilities. No really, REAL ones. Hmm. I should just run away. To Timbuktu. But I'm sure that place isn't as fun as the name implies. The name barely implies it anyway. PFFFFFFFT. Shame on you, Timbuktu, and on your deceptive ways.

Time to make my children's hot cocoa, TAAAAA! Oh yeah and happy new year and all that jazz and crap.

Another stupid day.

And it actually wasn't my fault today!...oh wait, it's never really my fault. I'm just that wonderful. :-D

*complete lies*

ANYWHO, yeah. So I was SUPPOSED to start working today in that family practice office in Florida. I was set to go in at 9 even though no one TOLD me that because I emailed them last week annnnnnnnd the lady was out for the holiday annnnnnnnd so no one knew anything. At all. When I called the office last week, they thought I wanted to "shadow a doctor."...for a day. I was like, "uhh no this is a rotation. For....a month." But whatevs, I got up, got ready and all that jazz. Am sitting in my overheated sauna of a car at 8:25 this morning when I hear the little *doo doo doo do!* sound on my phone. I got an email! Yippee! And who from, you ask (no you don't, but shut up, this is for dramatic purposes!!)? The lady! "Oh one doctor's on vacation and the other one won't come in until 4:30. AND I'M not here today EITHER!"...okay, that wasn't verbatim, obvi, but you get the picture. GET IT. *shakes fist menacingly* Anyway, yeah. So I called the office and they confirmed that and blah. The lady asked me to email my number to her so she could call me and "touch base." Today. OH! And it's 9:20 PM now! A whole 11 hours later!...no phone call. GOD people are...gah. So BASICALLY...*I* didn't go to work today. A) Because no one was THERE and B)...well...because of A) damnit!! And if I were a NORMAL medical student, I would be like, "OH GLORIOUS DAY! The heavens above have shined their light upon me on this day!" and crap like that. But I'm not normal. And so while, yes, I did enjoy my day, still in the back of my mind was that little voice (not a real voice...heh heh heh...*shifts eyes nervously*), "Uhhhhh you should be working. Ya bastard." Yeah, it's not a nice voice, very demeaning. :( ANNNYwho, yeah. I don't think they even know that I'm supposed to be there. Or care. But they should care. Because my school cares. And ummm as much as I might not WANT to, I kind of need to graduate, you know, this year. And this stupid office preceptorship can't ruin that!!...I know, I'm being overly dramatic and I don't ACTUALLY think that, but..well...that's just part of my charm. :-D *smiles the biggest freak of a smile and scares everyone off*

So I emailed her back saying she could email me instead of call. And that I was showing up tomorrow at 9 anyway. Not that I WANT to, but again...read above paragraph. I guess it's good that I read that email in my car right before I left. Otherwise hoo boy, driving those 12 miles to that office in vain...that would've done me in right then and there. LOL

*9 minutes later*

OHHHHHH wow, this, yes, right. Forgot about you. OMG and I chose to look at the TV and forget you again at the wrong moment. Okay, I'mma punch someone in the face. There's this STUPID ASS commercial on the Bangla channel that comes on like...TEN TIMES in an hour and it drives me insane. Because it's SO insipidly STUPID!!! There's this guy and this girl and they're in the stupid rain, probably during monsoon season!!! And the guy sings in English, while getting his stupid guitar all wet and probably ruined in the rain, "Raindrops are falling!" (No shit, Sherlock.) and the girl sings in bangla, "On your head!" And then he sings it again while flailing his arms around like a big stupid bird...and then she sings something else that I can't make it out, but I'm pretty sure it's something stupid as well. And then they stupidly frolic in the rain, ruining valuable pieces of equipment and being general morons. And to top it off, there's no PURPOSE for this commercial!! I don't know what it's advertising! It's not a TV show, it's not shampoo, and it's not for skin-lightening-because-Indian-women-are-ashamed-of-being-brown cream! It. Has. No. Purpose. Which makes it the epitome of stupid. And therefore, everytime I hear the beginning little tinklings (LOL no not that kind...but metaphorically, yes) of the stupid music, I just go, "UGGGGHHHHHHHH" and my mom laughs and I storm out of the room. No pun intended.

BTW, today's word of the day is "STUPID." Do with it what you will. I know I have. ^^^^^^^^^^^ >=O

So what did I do today...I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! On my lappy. It was good. I got the book last year because everyone said it was great and wondrous and I'm sure it is! I would know if I'd gotten past the first three pages. But, well, I just couldn't. Just. Couldn't. ANYWHO, since I figured it'd be a long time or you know, NEVER, until I read the book, might as well ruin it and watch the movie! I have no shame. Anywho, I liked it. AND I like the fact that it wasn't dubbed. God granted me the ability to read (yes, I don't care what YOU say) for a REASON...and it was so I could read subtitles. I don't mind! In fact, I LOVE subtitles! Yeah that's right! I'm one of those people that puts on captions and subtitles shamelessly, even when they're marked for only the hard of hearing. I just...I don't know...it makes it worth it. LOL plus, THEN, I don't have to put the volume up to 50 (*cough* like my parents who watch STUPID COMMERCIALS *cough*)...where was I? Oh yeah, subtitles. Yeah, so I hate dubbing. It just...looks so STUPID (ding ding ding and we have a winner for the completely unnecessary and excessive usage of the word of the day! Moi. :-D). And the voices just sound stupid because it's never really the original actor ANYWAY. So in conclusion...I approved of this film. Besides, I love hearing other languages. Especially like Swedish and Suomi and stuff. It just...sounds great. :D Especially when spoken by ahem certain people (HOTTTTNESSSSS!! I have no idea what he's saying, but eh, whatevs. Does it really matter? HEH HEH HEH HEH okay I'll stop.)

(....no I won't HEH HEH HEH HEH...HEH!)

And then after I finished that, I uhhhhhhh I dunno. I watched an episode of The Office. And then read my book! Yeah I ummm kinda sorta bought two books yesterday. :-D WHAT?! My mom gave me a Target gift card for my birthday for a reason! Why she made it out to be a $200 gift card, I'll never know. I mean, that would've been very handy mmmmmm two years ago. But she still thinks I'm as obsessed with that store as I was...two years ago. But I'm not AS much. Just...much. Besides, I was waiting and waiting for Target to get a certain paperback version of a book I wanted (The Devlin Diary OOOH!! *squeeee*) but they still haven't. :( And probably never will. :(...the bastards. So anyway, yeah, I just...went a bit crazy yesterday and bought two books and spent money that would've been sitting there inside of a plastic square piece of garbage for years to come otherwise. I got "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton, the same lady who wrote "The House At Riverton" annnd another book called "Await Your Reply" by...some guy who's name I keep forgetting. Even though the book is right in front of my face. But hey you know what? SHUT IT. Yeah, so ummmmmm I kinda horribly ehhh stopped reading "The Swan Thieves." LOL for now, for now! Cmon it's like 600 pages...that'd keep me reading until residency! Figured I might as well start and finish a shorter faster read. So I started Await Your Reply...and it's good so far! But we'll see. WE'LL SEE. *ominous music plays*...what? It always scared me. Still does. :(

And then BLAH! I napped for about twenty minutes on the recliner. And eww, okay, I KNOW this'll be gross, but...who cares, I drooled on myself. =/ I don't know why, but I drool a lot sometimes while I sleep. Like...if I fall asleep with my mouth open, it just...can't be stopped. Inevitable. FINITO. Yeah, I feel like a real monster, but eh what can ya do. Nothing! It's not curable.

Did you know the treatment for intractable hiccups is thorazine? That was...just about the only thing I learned during my medicine rotation! Yup. And I've been telling everyone that little gem since. Even when they don't care. Which is...most of the time. (OMGGGGGGGGGG THE COMMERCIAL AGAIN GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!)...ahem, anywho. Yeah. MAN, intractable hiccups? I can't stand it when I get reg'lar ol' hiccups. Really, it gets me so upset. I can't imagine...not being able to stop. The patient that had it who's case I learned this little gem from had like...a kajillion other problems that he was hospitalized frequently for! And on top of that, INTRACTABLE HICCUPS? Oh my God. How awful. Don't give that guy a gun, cowboy. He'll...he'll do it.

OKAAAY it's 10 PM and I don't know where my children are and thus I shall go on an endless completely fruitless search (cuz they not REAL) for them now, TOOODLEOOO!!!

Happy 4th of July yaaaaayyyy!

Even though I kept forgetting throughout the day that it WAS indeed July 4th. Actually, why do people wish others a happy 4th of July? What happened to Independence Day? HUH? The REAL kind, as depicted in that photograph? GOSH! How easily people forget. Sickens me. And happy 4th of July just sounds stupid! I could say that about anything!
Me: "Oh Happy 31st of April, sir!"
Sir: "Uhhh...that's not a real."
Me: "...YOU'RE not real." *kicks him in the shins and skips off to spread the word*

See? Do you SEE the consequences of such words? Good. PUNK. *extra kick*

Angel has been barking all day on and off because of the random fireworks being...fired...illegally...in Patio. I mean, July 4th is when it happens MORE, but it does occur throughout the year! But yeah, she goin' craaaaaazy! And then Gizmo, being the little man-woman puppy that he is, he starts whining and wants to climb on my lap because he's scared and I ignore him because he needs to grow a pair. Plain and simple. PLAIN. AND. SIMPLE. So yeah, anywho, Angel just got on my bed to go to sleep and still, obviously, the night is young and so the illegal fireworks are still going! So I told her not to bark/howl here and that if she does, I would cut her up. She's sleeping quietly and peacefully now. :)

...nonono she's ALIVE, I swear! I just meant...you know...literally quietly and peacefully. :)...not because she was DEAD from my cutting her up, God, you people are so morbid. *shakes head in disgust*

We went to the Five Corners today. Is that even what it's called?...who cares. Anyway, my mom wanted to go to the little flower shop place. It's so weird, going back there. I mean, I used to go to school there for most of my young life and...I don't know. It's just weird. I've been feeling awfully nostalgic lately too. Like on Facebook, seeing names of people that I've pretty much forgotten, but then I see their names, and I'm like, "OH YEAH!...that guy!" Yeah. I mean, those people probably never even knew ME at all in high school and stuff, but...I knew them. Oh yes. I did. And WOW I sound like a creepazoid. But that's just how I worked! Like I remember people and things about people like random birthdays of random people...and I don't know why. I just do! When they probably have no clue as to who I am! I don't know, I guess I was more an observer back in the day. And still am. I just watch. Quietly. And judge accordingly. LOL Isn't that creepy? Well whatevs. But even more than that, I'm like...completely and utterly flabbergasted when people remember ME. Like people I haven't spoken to or even seen in years, from middle school or even elementary school! Like...I don't know. I think so low of myself, I guess, that I'm just in awe when people even remember I exist. LOL I mean, even when people that I met a few months ago still recognize me, it throws me for a loop! I'm sad, I know. But it's the TROOF.

I had this thing a couple months ago where I'd constantly say over and over again, "Where's the love, y'all? I DON'T KNOW. Where's the troof, y'all? I DON'T KNOW." You know, in the same manner that the Black Eyed Peas do. I think I might've driven Neha to the brink of madness. But just the brink, fortunately! She's come back!...mostly. *cowers*

LOL as I make her out to be the freak that *I* actually am. :P

I think I might have a bit of road rage. I don't know. Actually, though, no, it's not road rage. It's more like...street rage, yeah. And it doesn't come out in my ACTIONS...just my WORDS. I think my mom's seen the most of it, unfortunately, and she probably pegs me for a real weirdo, but ah well...can't please her all the time. Like today, I'm backing out to leave that flower shop and I see that another car is turning into the parking lot, so I wait. And wait. Because *she* thought it would be smart to just stop the car right behind me. But I was like, "No okay just wait..." and a lady was getting out of the passenger side. So I thought, "Oh okay she's just letting her out, then she'll move."........she didn't move. No, in fact, she turned her EFFING CAR OFF AND PARKED RIGHT THERE. Like WTF LADY?!?! Are my backup lights not on? Oh no, maybe it's the sun reflecting off my backlights, giving the impression that-NO!!! UGH, so yeah, then I go on my rant, "OH good job, douchebag, great place to park while I'm trying to back out." And all the while, my mom just sits there in silence. LOLLLLL I feel so horrible. Like I said, I don't take it out through my actions, but...I just can't help it. I need to say those things. To vent. To no one.

Speaking of douchebag, a couple weeks ago, I called Raja that. Naturally. As I oft do. And my mom was like, "What is the meaning of douchebag?" And we were like, "...uhhhhh don't wanna tell you." LOL When I asked why, she was like, "OH you know at work, they all use that word and I just want to know the meaning of that." And I was like, "Who, your patients?" And she was like, "NO the staff!!!" LOL I just assumed it was her patients because they say...all sorts of wonderul things! That she's asked me about in the past, oh God. ANYWHO, so we tried to explain to her what a douchebag was. Then, a few nights later, we were watching Alice in Wonderland and saw Hamish and Raja was like, "See THAT'S a douchebag." (If you've seen the movie, you'll *completely* understand. LMAO what a tool.) And so yeah, now I use it very freely around her. Then, YESTERDAY, to set up a bit - my dad was supposed to do a 32 hour call starting midnight last night until 8:30 tomorrow morning. That was the plan. But 8:30 YESTERDAY morning, he gets a call, as he often does, thanks to his tool-y coworkers, saying that the doctor who was supposed to be oncall yesterday didn't even show up. So he had to come in and cover. So I was obviously mad because a lot of their coworkers do that ALL the time and my parents are the ones who get shafted because they're actually nice people. So I was like, "See maa, Dr. So-and-So - HE'S a douchebag!" And she was like, "Oh Rini, don't say that!" And laughing, I was like, "Why?" And she said, "Because! I asked my staff the other day what 'douchebag' meant, and they said, 'Oh my God, doctor! Where did you learn that word? Now YOU'RE saying things like that too?'" and she told him "Well you people use it all the time, so I just wanted to know!" And he was apparently like, "Oh it's a very bad word with a bad meaning." And so now...I have to limit my usage of douchebag. Because she thinks that it's a worse word than it actually is. Wait wait wait actually, let's settle this ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Well according to the extremely reliable Urban Dictionary......it has many meanings! I like the first one though, that's kind of along the lines of how I see it. And the corresponding picture. LMAO. Even though...the irony of that...yes. As long as no one's really using it in the literal sense. *shudders* except the French. They can. Because they're just the silly French. :P

Wow, the fireworks have momentarily ceased! AND HA as I was typing that, I heard a tiny little firecracker go off. Effers. LOL!! Whatevs, as long as Angel doesn't hear. That would be the end of the world as we knew it.

So yeah, it's kind of ummmmmmmmmmm stupid how I don't even know what time I should go in on Tuesday. I emailed the office manager on Thursday asking about some details about the rotation. No response. Okay, so let me call before the holiday weekend! So I called on Friday. "OH she's not in today." Great. Wonderful. FANTASTIC!! But that lady did try to help and said she'd try and get in touch with her. Whatevs. Tomorrow's Monday. I bet the office is closed tomorrow to. So...free-for-all on Tuesday! Seriously, I should just show up at like 1:30 and then stare at them and in the most serious manner, be like, "Hold your applause for I have arrived!" and bow accordingly. And get stared at in disbelief. I like getting that reaction out of people. Now, if I could only do that in REAL life...but seriously, what is this. I bet they don't even know that I'm doing a rotation there. Even though I kind of thought I finalized all that in May. When they even asked, "Will you need housing?" First off - you have HOUSING somewhere? That's just creepy. Considering I'm going to work at a private family practice office. And not...you know...a hospital. Where's the housing, the JANITOR'S CLOSET? Probably. I'd have a new roommate for the month, then! LOL! And be reunited with my first love, mah Broomy. :) GAAAAAAAAAAAH PEOPLE JUST BLAH.

Okay, I just happened across something that has made me internally squeal like a little schoolboy. Much needed internal squealing. :) Eeee!

Okay, now I'm over that and back to my ANGRY WAYS.

Wow, he big. As Ralph Wiggum once said, "I'm happy =) AND angry!! >=O" He's a funny made up yellow little boy.

I think I'mma actually watch some Simpsons on my little TV. Oh how I've missed thee!...(since I have to keep this rhyming...)...teehee!

And thar she blows. Again.

"She" meaning Angel and "blows" meaning snoring like a wildebeest. Again. But I don't know what YOU were thinking. Pervert.

Oh man my days have just been a blur of nothingness and bright spots of light. No, really, I'm seeing bright spots of light! Everywhere! It won't sto-...oh. He he. *turns off revolving mini disco ball*...For-...forgot I had that on. *shifts eyes nervously*

No, I really DID have a revolving mini disco ball once! Ask Neha! She'll tell you! I brought it with me to college my first year...for some odd odd reason. ANYWHO, it was *actually* used. Once in a while. Whenever I felt like turning it on, it was turned on. Oh yessirree Ezekiel, those were some good times. :D...though now, I have no idea where it's gone. Probably got thrown out with all my other junk. Sad.

WOW I have a lot of useless crap in my room! I mean not USELESS...but...well, yes, useless. Meaningful! But useless. I have even an old balloon my mom gave me on Valentine's Day like....8 years ago. And it's still fully blown up! Hard as a rock! So ummmmmm I bet it's not helium inside. What could it be? Argon. I bet my lucky stars on that.

Today was such a waste. Days that are supposed to be gifts...become wasted. UGHHHH this always happens. When I'm in the last few days of my vacation, I get so upset that vacation is ending and then I never enjoy the last 4 or so days properly. Because I'm just obsessively counting it down in my head. Like a FREAK. I wish I could, you know, not do that. But I can't. No thanks to you, either. GOSH.

I haven't even been reading my new book! See, I got into the swing of things when I started reading more of my other one, the one that I had been reading for like...twenty weeks. Yeah, that! But now, with a NEW one...same ol' process all over again. There's just too many words. And really, what the hell are they even talking about in the first few pages of ANY new book? Huh? I never really pay attention. And then I have to go back a few pages and re-read what I was supposed to have read the first time but didn't so I have to...do it again. And it probably STILL doesn't make any sense. But, well, can't say I didn't try. Ya just can't. Ya goat bastard.

I'm having a mental block right now. Maybe because it's 1 AM annnnnnnd I should go to sleep. Since I've been sitting in bed anyway. For the past two and a half hours. Yeah. Mayhaps I should do that. ZzzZZZzzZZzzZzzzzz

I'm such an effing dbag: Part Deux.

Well...not really. I haven't done anything dbaggish in the past 8 hours or so. I just felt like...these entries would be too close together for this NOT to be a continuation. Of sorts. Yes...sorts...*throws fire in your face and runs off cackling into the night*

See? I changed it up. I'm capable of dat.

ANYWHO! My BIG NEWS! OMG OMG OMG...OMG. SO we were in WalMart today annnnnnnnd we were in the ice cream aisle annnnnnnnd umm umm I got these Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream Sandwiches!! Sammiches, as I like to call them. OMG I was so excited. If you need to know ANYTHING about me...well...you don't need to...but who cares, KNOW THIS: I LOOOOOOOOOVE birthday cake flavored ice cream. I do I do I DO-OOOO! Yum yum yum *rubs tummy*...and guess what? I almost plotzed. Okay, I shouldn't be saying that...I almost audibly GASPED. It's only 3 grams of fat! After seeing THAT I didn't feel so guilty for getting them. But still, I FIGURED they were like tiny sandwiches, you know, like the 100 calorie kind. So I was on the phone with Neha just now, explaining their glory (no, really, I read her the description on the box word-for-word. I was so excited LOL), and then I opened the box. OH MAH GAH, they're pretty reg'lar sized!!!!! They weren't even lacking in content at all! And STILL so nutritious!...uhh...I mean...not deadly! =D And then I ATE one - mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm. Sooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooood. It was like having Birthday Cake Remix!! without...the brownie...or the syrup...but yup, just like it! So now, I deem it my mission to go out and spread the word. I've already conquered Neha...and then next, my mom. Get this: it doesn't even have EGG in it. that's right! I can eat 'em any day o' the week, HUZZAH!! Okay, you know I'm just joshin' here, right? RIGHT? *chuckles nervously*...mmmm. LOL

You'll thank me later for this cut. Whoever you are. AKA the wind. Collapse )

Wow, I learned a lot of new things today! And the day has barely even begun! Since it's only 1 AM! If I only I was this absorbent when it came to things that actually mattered (i.e. - my future career), I'd be set. But alas...I'm not. It's a curse, I tell you, a curse! Much like that Lady Gaga spell. But...more curse-like. Did you know another word for curse is "execration"? And that the "curse of Eve" is menstruation? (*shakes fist at Eve*) Actually...that doesn't make sense. It's not like she invented menstruation. God did! I should be shaking my fist up to the heavens above! But I shan't. I don't wanna come back as this. :(

Okay that's enough rambling at LEAST for anothhherrrrrrrrrrrrr uhhhhhhhh hmm 12 hours. Give or take. Probably give. Yes. More give. TA!

I'm such an effing dbag.

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Okay I've wasted enough of my life for today. Cheerio.
the World Cup isn't over yet? Geez. It's been like...two weeks. Oh wait, THREE! Holy ship. What is this, the olympics?!?! Oh whatevs, it don't matta to me. You know, I'm sure most people that say they're so excited for the world cup ARE genuinely excited...but...like...how is that everyone? I honestly didn't know about the World Cup until uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a few days before it started. I'm guessing they have it every 4 years. ANNNNNNNNND yeah. EVERYONE'S so excited. And I won't feign excitement for something I know nothing about. Clearly. This is what always happens, it's horrible. Even when the olympics are on, like...I don't know. I want to care and get into all the hype, but...I don't care for sports. At all. It seems. When I was a kid, the winter olympics would excite me because of figure skating (I looooooved Nancy Kerrigan and would pretend to skate around on ice aka my emerald green carpet). But...hmm. It makes me feel bad, that I really don't care that much. =/ Though a few summers ago when they had the summer olympics, me, Neha, and Raja stayed up watching women's weightlifting! Mainly for the entertainment. LOL

And now there's TENNIS going on? How do all these things happen and I never know? Oh wait...exhibit A up there - "Not caring." I don't mean "not caring" in an offensive way. I just...can't care. Yeah, that's it!

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Okay I'm boring even myself now, I'mma go lollygagging somewhere else. Toodles!

'Ello ello!!!

I mean to write last night, but then uhhh more pressing matters took precedence. Like...going online. And watching a movie. And reading a paragraph of my book. =O

So yay, my first day of vacation ALONE! Wow, I sound like such a creep. But I've been looking forward to it, sadly. I watched a movie this morning. And then I just started reading. BUT because I have ADD, I'm here now. How wonderful. :D Man, I'm so P.O.'d. I went to the doctor's office with my mom yesterday and we were sitting and talking about fourth year and rotations and crap. And THEN, one thing led to another and then she was like, "Well blah blah blah July 5th is a Monday." And I was like, ".........................no it's not. It's Tuesday." Now mindyou, I've had this fantastical notion for months now. Because our school sent us an email several months ago saying since July 4th is a national blah blah blah, we'd get July 5th off as well and then officially start our 4th year on July 6th. So little me thought I wouldn't have to start work until next Wednesday! My cell phone calendar told me otherwise. :( MAN!!! I so mad! >=( I don't know why I assumed that honestly, but...well hell, I did, so THERE! It really put a damper on things. For about two minutes. Then I got over it. But now I'm filled with rage all over again. LOL why'd she correct me? I would've sauntered into the office making a great first impression a day late! So what? Big deal. :P

Anywho, so yeah, that was my epiphany. Though not really an epiphany. Whatevs.

So we got Angel and Gizmo back yesterday! YAY! Heehee I woke up to the sound of his whining. He's such a baby, GODDDDDDDDDD. And Angel got fat. :( Because apparently, the lady we keep them with feeds them DONUTS. W.T.F. WHO DOES THAT?! Who feeds a dog a donut?! If they were meant to eat donuts, then...WELL they're not!! GOSH! Makes me so mad. I mean, yeah, we're putting them in your care, but uhhhhhhhhh we're paying you for it. AND we always nicely pack their own food and I've taken to labeling them now with the measurements of how much to give how often. AND now Angel's a big lardo. What the hell. See, it's okay for ME to be fat...okay, well not okay, but you know, I have control over it. And I can choose to use that control or not (mostly not, though, especially this past week in Cincy HOOOOOOOOBOY! And somehow I lost weight. LOL I love defying nature.). But ummm dogs can't. And so I'm very uhhhhh picky when it comes to what they eat. ESPECIALLY since their beagles. God. I think I saw like a 400 pound beagle a few weeks ago. He looked like a MONSTER. Cute, but monsterish. ANYWHO so yeah. Don't be feedin' mah dogs CRAP! Okay, no, I can't pin all the blame on her. I don't REALLY know what she did or didn't do. But...well...how the hell does her belly get so big and round in a week? HMM? Then the paranoid side of me kicked in and was like, "OH NO, what if they botched up her spaying procedure 10 years ago annnnnnnnd she still has all her junk annnnnnnd she pregnant?" Then again, she doesn't menstruate. But...you never know. Hmm. *strokes chin* God why'd I inherit this from him. HIM. LOL

Speaking of which, my dad was flipping through the channels last week and it was on TLC or something...discovery...I don't know. And there was a commercial on and the announcer guy was like, "She was told she couldn't get pregnant. And for years that's what she believed. And now SHE'S IN LABOR." And it showed the lady in labor, yelling, "THIS CAN'T HAPPEN RIGHT NOW!" And she wasn't like a morbidly obese woman or something, that she wouldn't know she was pregnant. WHO KNOWS! Then again, this whole program could've been a farce and they could've shown footage of well, just about ANY woman in labor, because I can imagine that's what they all yell at that time. Interesting.

HOLY CRAPOLA it's almost 3. I really haven't done much today. I'm gonna go out later, maybe rent Shutter Island!! Yeah! I feel so bad, there's a huge dilemma with this. Ok, so my mom's wanted to watch Shutter Island since it came out in theaters. First off, she doesn't know much about our American pop culture/movies/whatevs (more than my dad, but still, not much. lol). So when the movie came out, I tried to goad her into watching it, but she didn't want to because well...she doesn't watch our stuff. THEN her "STAFF" (LOL) at work were all talking about the movie and how great it was and blah blah blah and since then, she's wanted to watch. Here's the dilemma - ummmmmm it's rated R. Isn't it? Yeah probably........I CAN'T WATCH AN R-RATED MOVIE WITH MY MOTHER! My God! I keep trying to ask around, like raja and Neha, if there's any sexual stuff or anything in there. They both said no. Well, Raja hinted towards something, but didn't tell me what. SO since I needed MORE proof, I went on IMDB and looked up the FAQ. Full-frontal male nudity?!?!? Yah OKAY. I feel so bad! She really wants to watch it. And stupid Raja already watched it without either of us. I've probably gone over this before, but I really get so uncomfortable while watching a movie with my parents that has even the smallest sensualities. LOL even when a guy, I don't know, caresses a woman's face in a completely pure appropriate way and I'm watching it with my parents, I just...have to avert my eyes. And at the same time, when things get TOO over the top with excessive making out/sex/God knows what else, I have this thing about not being able to fast-forward the part. Like as if I DO do that, they know I know what's going on and it's totally inappropriate and I'm...acknowledging that. I DON'T KNOW!! The trials and tribulations of my life!! LOL it's too much to handle. Just last week, we were watching a newer Bollywood movie because my mom wanted to. And I DIDN'T because well, nowadays, they show stuff too! And they were! And finally I couldn't take it, when he started clearing the counter top and whatnot (LOLLL) and i had to fast forward. There was no, "Oh let me check my text messages now and completely ignore the movie" at that point. I'm so messed up. LOL with so many unnecessary fears. But people don't understand! You just can't see/hear certain things with your parents. I mean I take it to another level (Disney kissing makes me uneasy at times LOL), but...ugh. So yeah ANYWHO, back to my real dilemma - I don't know if I should just watch the movie on my own, which would be really mean; ignore the situation completely; WARN her ahead of time; or...well yeah that's about it. LOL I bet the scene is for like two seconds...that's enough! I don't care that she's a doctor and she's had to see all sorts of things with patients during her medical training, but...some things are too much. I mean once when I was in high school, we were driving in the car and the radio was on - nothing good was on and Maxwell's "Sexual Healing" came on LMAO now I always just assume that my mom doesn't listen/can't understand what they're singing on the radio anyway...so I just left it. Few seconds later, she was like, "...Rini...ETA KEE (translation: "WHAT IS THIS?" LMAO)?" After which I abruptly said, "I don't know!" and quickly changed the station. LOLLLLLLLLL it's hilarious now, but...it was something then. SOMETHING...

Oh God, why am I the way that I am. The world may never know. Annnnnd it won't TA FOR NOW I'MMA READ MAH BOOK! :D