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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii guyyyyyyyyy

So obviously, the first real attempt at writing a journal entry I'm making in over a year is ummmmmmmmmmmmm at work. WHAT?! I'm bored, there's no point in trying to sleep because I have serious issues, and ummmmm...well that's about it. SHUT IT.

Okay first off before I start typing what I had intended to write, let me just say what accidentally came out just now, out of my silly perverted and odd fingers: my balls are burning.

Now to clarify that statement...what I MEANT to say was my EYEballs are burning. I SWEAR G-DAMNIT. *shakes her claws at you*
.........what? I meant what I said that time. :l

Wow, I'm delirious aren't I? Hey you know what would be cool? But not really? Sundowning. Cuz even if I wasn't REALLY sundowning, I could just pretend and use that as an excuse to go all crazy. "HEY MAN, it gettin' dark...I SEE DEAD PEOPLE and it's only NINETEEN-SIXTY-FOUR." Mmhmm. I imagine that's how I would act/what I would say.

Sigh, I hate nights. Mainly because umm I like sleeping. ALthough the last few days, I've realized, that's ALL I've really been doing. Since I'm shadowing mostly, I just come to work, sit around for a few hours and then go to bed. And then when I get home, I eat breakfast, watch TV, nap for a few hours, watch more TV, nap for a few more hours and thennnnnnnn come to work. And let me tell you, if I was to do night float, I DON'T MIND BEIN' A SHADOW ALL THE TIME B).

But alas, tonight, I am not a shadow. Hence why I'm still up, not in bed, and writing GOD knows what.

I remember doing night float as an intern at this same time last year...sigh, I was happier then. You know what sucks? I hear certain songs now that remind me of that time, songs that used to make me feel happy and good...and now I just feel all sad inside. So while it was a month that SUCKED last year, it was...well, okay overall. But believe you me, September's night float month SUCKED ASS. AND IT WAS NOT OKAY (i.e. - I was a basketcase *rocks back and forth in the fetal position*).

Hoo doggeh, I'm shhhhhhhhhhleeeeeeeeeepay. And I really should sleep because tomorrow night will be even worse than tonight. I can almost guarantee it (hey isn't that the Men's Warehouse motto or something?...without the "almost" because that would be *PRETTY* shady?). Maybe I should just bring a pillow down here and just rest mah head. I have some serious trauma from this stupid pager...like anytime ANYONE'S pager goes off, I get palpitations. Hmm...maybe I *shouldn't* be a doctor. Or...working in any place with any beeping noises...........but hey, that crosses off my childhood dream of being a cashier :( Life is not fair. *shakes head in dismay*

Wow, cool, LJ has a lot of neat doohickeys up-top now. THINGS SURE HAVE CHANGED SINCE 2002....GOD I'm so effing old. And yet, my life is exactly the same. I'm umm not sure what's worse. =/

OK OK this is too much, I'm yawning like an opiate addict in withDRAWALS YO'. I need to at least rest my head and my burning (eye)balls. So I shall leave with this and only this:.......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *boogies until she falls asleep*


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