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WTF is wrong with me?

No, seriously. I've probably attempted to write in here about...7 times since the last entry and then I either just got lazy or irrationally fearful of...things...and then I don't write! Or I do and then I delete it all. Yep, all three sentences. And usually, it's when I'm writing about serious things, which everyone knows, is very rare. And that leads to the question: why do I have serious things to say?.................the world may never know.

Yesterday I started writing about something that started pissing me off and then I felt bad. And then I stopped. Yes, I stopped typing things to no one. Sigh, the trials and tribulations of my life. But really, ummmm I've been really irritable. Lately. A lot. Like...more than usual. LOL normally, I can tell when a certain ahem time is coming up based on how pissy I start getting with people...at least internally. Because, no, I can't use a calendar like a normal human being. But NOW, holy jeebus, it's like 3.5 weeks out of the month!!! I just get very hateful. Okay, that's a strong word...and probably not even a REAL word...ummm...RAGEFUL, yeah that's it. Maybe it's really hypomania. Once again, the world may never kno-okay I'll stop that. I hope Tootsie Pops and Mr. Owl don't sue me for reckless usage of the phrase. *shifts eyes nervously*

Ummm how did I end up here?...NO NO, I don't mean location-wise, I'm not in some fugue state...yet. *puts pinky to lip* (I have no effing clue what I even meant by that, so excuse that) I meant HERE like on this topic...of sorts. LA DEE DAAAAA!! *frolics*

I can't remember the last time I frolicked. And eww, that looks like fro-licked and NO I DO NOT LICK 'FROS NOR WILL I EVER DO SUCH A THING...it's against my religion.

Oh man oh man, do I love heat. I'm surprised this thing still works! I've had it for almost 10 years...when I threw the bag of baby carrots at it and then the bar code/nutrition facts melted onto the metal because it was on at the time of my heinous act. I don't know what people did before portable heaters existed, seriously. Aside from, you know, not giving a shit and getting on with their lives - it is BEYOND ME. *shakes head in amazement*

Okay are these even real words? I'm beginning to doubt myself...they just look odd! Don't they? DON'T THEY??? *shakes fist*

I keep putting all these movies on my Netflix queue and now it's turning into what I do with books - just keep getting 'em and never finishing any. (OMG this is beginning to sound more and more like some sort of...I won't say it. Because then it could possibly-but-not-probably come true!! =/) I wanna watch scary movies damnit but nowadays, things are just getting cuhhhhhhhrappy beyond belief! SHEESH.

In other news - how the eff is it November already? That means I'm almost halfway done with my intern year. Ummm CREEPY. AND that means it's almost been a year (!!!!!!!!) since Neha and I went to Syracuse for our first (messed up) interview!!! HOLLLLLLLAAAAAY MOLLLLLAAAAAAAAY. No really it was a freaky place. FIRST off, they could've passed for "Adults of the Corn"-type people if such a thing could ever exist (wait, was Issac an adult? or a child? or...just a midget? that's so deragotory I'm sorry...kind of.) because they were all so clique-ish and just...creepy (yes, that is a broad term that describes MANY THINGS IN MY LIFE WELL, so just deal with it). And uhhh all of our (HOUR LONG) interviews were mini psychotherapy sessions!!! I mean, cmon, the program director started going into my childhood and things that happened before I even emerged from the womb (like how my parents got together and WHY - WTF, how the eff should I know, mr. crazy man?!?!). Oddities, all of them. Oh and then their freaky ass little guinea pig experiment where we were mayors of some city that was burning to the ground...yes, I could see how that could play a role in my future success as a psychiatrist....o_O......creeps.

Sorry for the tangent. It just...needed to occur.

Hmm what to do now...I was semi-productive today. Did some o' my computer training for St. Francis...which sucks ASS. I had to retake this one stupid test three times...bane of my existence.

Ok I think I'll stop here. Because as Towelie once said, "I have no idea what's goin' on." (and no, I'm not high.)

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