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So tomorrow is...

GONNA BE FRICKIN AWESOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEE!!! That is, if terrorists decide not to MESS UP EVERYTHING. That's what I don't get with these threats and shit...WHY, if at all, would they do it on the anniversary? Or even NEAR it? EVERYONE IS EXPECTING IT. Stupid mofos...I mean, I'm essentially talking about NO ONE, but...if there ARE stupid mofos around, then...well...they're it.

ANYWHO, yeah the WT concert is tomorrrrrowwwwww in NYCCCCCCC! And ahem people are trying to convince me not to go. Ummm how about NO? I got these tickets in February! And they'll probably never come back! For years! And...umm yeah, that's the extent of my argument. To the wind.

And also, slight correction: got "THIS TICKET" - since I'm a loser who does everything alone like...well...a loser! :D

Did I ever mention how my mom, like, hates it when I go to the movies by myself? It's just this thing that they've both had since I was a kid...when I'd rather bum around the house rather than go over a friend's house, esp over the summer, they'd get worried and ask me everyday how I was feeling and then at times would CALL a friend up purposely so that I'd at least talk to them. Because they feared I was schizoid or something. Which...........I can understand. LOL but yeah, so anywho, my mom HATES me going to the movies by myself. She's always like, "Oh well...what kind of movie is it?" even though she rarely has ever gone to the movies and will only go if it's like...Disney. So see that, she gets so concerned that she offers to do something she doesn't like. Because I'M A FREAK OF NATURE.

Oh wait, I wrote about my Rango fiasco! Which wasn't really a fiasco, but hey...HEY.

And I suddenly feel nauseated! Wow! Morning sickness? Even though it's night-time? and HEY does that only occur in the morning? Yes. Apparently. OKAY WELL CASE CLOSED. OMG that's scary though, I just read that women who DON'T ever have morning sickness or emesis gravidarum (whoa that brings me back to my OB days!...ugh *shudders violently and well, you knew it was coming, VOMITS*) are more likely to miscarry or deliver a baby with birth defects. Because when they barf, it's meant to be a protective factor for the fetus. To protect them from toxins that the mother ingests. Like a marijuana plant........and thyme. *ominous music plays*

Nah, I'm just joshin', thyme is fine. But....NOT SAGE. *ominous music pla-*OKAY I'll stop that....mmmmmmmaybe. *crickets chirp*


Oh so where was I? Who the fuck knows.

that reminds me of the time me and Neha wanted to make like...orange thyme chicken. Or maybe rosemary. Or maybe sage. ONE of those. Anywho, so we went to the grocery store to try and find whatever herb we were looking for...ANNNNNNNNNND had no clue what the hell whatever we were looking for looked like! So we asked some guy that worked there and I think he pretended to know and pointed us in the direction of SOMETHING. And so we bought it...annnnnnnnnnnd went home and looked it up and by golly, IT WASN'T WHATEVER THE HELL THE RECIPE CALLED FOR. But whatevs, we used it anyway. The chicken tasted good! Kind of thick sauce, but ummm...I dunno. end of story.

Wow that was a shitty story. But that's what ya paid for...WITH YOUR NOW DEAD BRAIN CELLS. Ok wtf am I ever talking about??? My nonexistent emesis nongravidarum is getting to me.

I think I'm sleepy...but I'm not sure...my eyes feel heavy...and no, I'm not doped up. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee okay yes I just realized I AM sleepy, so goodnight and farewell and get the hell outta mah store (that's my new saying that I've been saying for the past few months - don't know what it means, or...why it exists, but HEY...get out mah store.)

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